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Accentuator® Tool
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Essix Freeze Spray® Coolant
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Replacement Fuse for #EVM01
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Vacuum Maximizer® Gaskets - Combo Pack

Vacuum Maximizer® Gaskets concentrate suction directly around the cast by covering the outer holes on the baseplate. Combo pack includes one each of the Full-Arch and Cuspid-to-Cuspid gaskets.
  • Fits Essix® Vacuum Thermoforming Machines #EVM01 and #EVM02
  • For use with Full-Arch casts
  • For use with Anterior Cuspid-to-Cuspid casts

Patent #5,829,980

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Vacuum Maximizer® Gasket - Full-Arch
Vacuum Maximizer® Gasket - Cuspid-to-Cuspid

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