SpaceFile® Contra-Angle Handpiece
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Serrated Interproximal Strips
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Flexview® IPR Strips
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SpaceFile® IPR Files
Precision Swiss-made, diamond-impregnated files can accomplish a wide range of tasks including breaking contact, reduction, contouring, fine trimming and finishing.

Files can be used three ways, depending on your personal preference and case requirements: Hand-held, with the removable grip (included), or with the optional air-driven handpiece (sold separately).

  • Flexible removable grip provides added control
  • Files feature ventilation holes to allow low temperature operation and prevent clogging
  • Files, grip and inner tray are autoclavable
  • Single packs include grip and 8 files; Assorted packs include grip, 8 files (1 of each style) and 1 contact saw

  • Invented by Dr. Carlos Navarro. Design protected by: US Patent 0057540A1; EU Patent 4341095. MediMark® Europe BP 2332, F-38033 Grenoble Cedex 2, France. Rx Only. Made in Switzerland.

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