Mix with Confidence

The Hurrimix™ Alginate & Stone Mixer is designed to increase office efficiencies by standardizing the mixing process to deliver a top-quality mix every time.

Mix in 5 Easy Steps

Mix in 5 easy steps.

Stylish and Durable
Features include a stylish, stainless steel body, an electronic microprocessor controller, and waterproof controls protected by a polycarbonate membrane.

Capacity and Convenience

Four mixing containers are included: two for alginate and two for stone. Rounded internal surfaces allow easy removal of mixed materials for cleaning. Maximum container capacity is 80g for alginate and 100g for stone.

Programmed with 10 Alginates and 10 Stones
Reliable mixing is fast with no time wasted on manual programming. Users may also set and modify programs for specific alginate and stone products at any time.

Large Digital Display
An intuitive, large digital display allows simple, rapid operation.

Door Locking Device
Built-in safety mechanism ensures the lid is properly closed to prevent accidental opening and any loss of material during mixing.

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Hurrimix™ Alginate & Stone Mixer