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SpaceFile® Contra-Angle Handpiece

Use with slow-speed Air Motor and SpaceFile® Files to accomplish a wide range of interproximal reduction tasks including breaking contact, reduction, contouring, fine trimming and finishing.

  • Works with SpaceFile® Files
  • Works with most standard slow-speed air motors and compressed air units such as E-Stylus, Midwest-E, A-dec, W&H, KaVo and NSK
  • Compact design makes reaching posterior regions easy
  • Reciprocating motion of 1.6mm
  • Transmission ratio 2:1
  • Coupling motor side, ISO 3964 (front end)
  • Chucking by friction
  • Max released motor speed 25,000 rpm
  • Stroke length 1.6 mm
  • Weighs 70 g
  • Autoclavable
  • One-year Warranty

  • A-dec, W&H, KaVo and NSK are not trademarks of Dentspy Sirona.

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